Foot Care Service


Do you want to keep your feet healthy?


If you need help with cutting your toe nails a new service has started in South Brent for the over 60’s or people with a disability who cannot care for their own feet and have no willing or able relatives or friends who can help them. The service is self financing, run by volunteers.


There is a charge for the foot care service of £6.50 for toenail cutting and £2.50 if you are unable to cut your own fingernails. The service will be provided by an NHS trained volunteer in the Old School Community Centre on certain Wendesdays. Your first payment of £10.50 will also buy you a set of clippers and nail files, which will be used for you and you alone, at the nail cutting clinic in order to avoid any risk of infection.


In the first instance application forms and information leaflets can be collected at the Old School in order to check your eligibility for this service. There are some medical conditions that apply, so you may wish to discuss this with yoyr doctor. Click HERE for an application form.


If you believe you are eligible, or you are supporting somebody whom you believe to be eligible, appointments can be made by calling in at or ringing the Old School on 01364 700282, Monday – Friday, 9am – 12.00 pm.